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Why is cleaning your wall mounted air conditioning important?


During the Quebec summer, temperatures rise and air conditioning is often necessary to spend these months of heat comfortably.

Like many ventilation systems, regular maintenance and cleaning is especially important. They will provide a better life for your device and allow it to work with the best efficiency possible. A clogged or dirty air conditioning may not cool the air in your home as it should. This could significantly increase your energy consumption and expenses.


Then you have to have your air conditioning regularly cleaned for health reasons. Poorly maintained air conditioning accumulates mold and fungus, bacteria and germs that will eventually be thrown into the air of your home when you turn it on.Contact the Groupe Impérial in order to avoid this. The know-how and expertise of our technicians will allow you to enjoy a house or a flat fresh and pleasant all summer.

When to have your wall mounted air conditioning cleaned?

You can do some simple routine cleaning yourself, depending on your model of air conditioning, such as washing reusable filters or having them replaced, remember to clean the grates, remove debris that may be in the outdoor unit with a vacuum cleaner, for example.

However, these systems must be inspected and cleaned by a qualified company at least every 3 years, to ensure efficiency and air quality without flaws.

If your device gives off a musty smell, an unpleasant or abnormal smell, also call upon our services as soon as possible. This mold could degrade the quality of the air in your home since it is directly projected.


Our complete cleaning solution for your air conditioning system:

We offer a complete microbiological cleaning service for your air conditioning unit. We take care of the complete cleaning of all the elements that make up your system: filters, compressor, condenser, complete indoor and outdoor unit.


Our cleaning technician will inspect your appliance for proper operation and ensure there are no filtration or problems of this type.

Then, our specialists will disassemble the box to access the coil, one of the most important components to clean. The cleaning of the coil is carried out with particular attention, using soft and biodegradable solutions.

We will install special bags to pick up dirt and liquids that may be released from your wall mounted air conditioner. They will protect your walls and floor from splashing during cleaning operations.

Preserve the air quality of your home and your health, but also that of your devices. Discover the cleaning services of ventilation ducts, dryer ducts and furnace filters of the Groupe Impérial.



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Certifications and accreditations


CAA recommended ; it deals with the assessment of residential and commercial services companies and is assigned according to several rigorous criteria that relate to the following values: the credibility and competencies of your service provider, its solvency, its compliance and its reputation as a business.

Imperial Cleaning is proud to be one of the few companies to have obtained this certificate from CAA Quebec for its cleaning services.


NADCA Certification: an advanced certification developed to recognize industry professionals involved in the inspection of HVAC systems. The complexity of ventilation systems requires expertise for which Imperial Group has obtained the NADCA certificate to better serve you.


The IICRC certificate is organized by a Standards Development and Certification Organization (SDO) for the inspection, cleaning and catering industries which is present in over 25 countries. The Imperial Group has obtained one of the best certificates for inspection, cleaning and catering.


RSA Training: one of the important actors in training and education. Over 7,000 students attend their programs each year. Imperial Group personnel have attended several cleaning trainings to be regularly updated on all types of cleaning that exist in the North American market.


BBB accreditation: a company can be accredited by the BBB when it shows trust, honesty, and transparency with its customers... And that is why Imperial Group has earned this diploma.


Not forgetting the license of the Regie du Batiment du Quebec -Number RBQ 5693-1819-0- and whose mission is to ensure the quality level of work operated by local professionals.


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