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Cleaning dryer ducts

Dryer duct cleaning: a safety issue.


Your dryer duct can accumulate a lot of dust, debris, and lint over the years. These accumulations can clog and obstruct your ducts if professional cleaning is not done regularly. The consequences of poor maintenance of your dryer ducts can be very serious, even disastrous.

The accumulation of lint in the duct produces an overheating of the appliance that will lead to a much higher energy expenditure and a shorter life of your device.

The most serious risk is that of dryer fires, since the lint that clogs your duct is highly flammable and subject, in case of poor maintenance, to very high temperatures.

Call on our qualified technicians now, with more than 22 years of experience in unblocking and cleaning dryer ducts, ventilation ducts, and air exchangers. It is thanks to this impeccable work that Groupe Impérial is one of the companies recommended by the CAA.

Our methods of cleaning dryer ducts:


 We have two methods for cleaning dryer ducts:

  • Pulse with an air compressor: this highly efficient technique allows you to expel, thanks to a very powerful air compressor, any lint, dust, and dirt that would be inside your duct and the flexible duct that communicates with the dryer.
  • Pulse-friction suction: This method, less used than the first one, is the same one we use to clean the heating and ventilation ducts. It allows you to clean your ducts with forced air, a friction action using a soft brush and a suction action that sends dirt into our waste recovery units. This method is ideal for unclogging and cleaning the interior of longer dryer ducts or ducts in a straight line.


Our services also include the replacement of your old outer cap with a new cap with safety grids.

Discover without further delay our cleaning services of ventilation ducts, of air exchanger and wall air conditioning cleaning.



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When to clean your dryer duct?

A dryer duct cleaning cycle every 2 to 3 years is highly recommended. However, there may be signs of an obstructed and potentially dangerous duct. Immediate cleaning will be very necessary when:

  • Towels, jeans, and other heavy clothes take a long time to dry, even when your dryer seems to be working.
  • Including after the drying phase, your clothes are wet or warmer than usual.
  • The shutters on the outdoor vent do not open when your dryer is running.
  • Your dryer shuts off continuously before the end of its cycle.

If you recognize these signs, take care of your safety, that of your family and your home. Contact the Groupe Impérial to clean the ducts of your dryer.

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Certifications and accreditations for our cleaning services

NADCA Certification: an advanced certification developed to recognize industry professionals involved in the inspection of HVAC systems. The complexity of ventilation systems requires expertise for which Imperial Group has obtained the NADCA certificate to better serve you.

The IICRC certificate is organized by a Standards Development and Certification Organization (SDO) for the inspection, cleaning and catering industries which is present in over 25 countries. The Imperial Group has obtained one of the best certificates for inspection, cleaning and catering.

RSA Training : one of the important actors in training and education. Over 7,000 students attend their programs each year. Imperial Group personnel have attended several cleaning trainings to be regularly updated on all types of cleaning that exist in the North American market.

BBB accreditation: a company can be accredited by the BBB when it shows trust, honesty, and transparency with its customers… And that is why Imperial Group has earned this diploma.

Not forgetting the license of the Regie du Batiment du Quebec -Number RBQ 5693-1819-0- and whose mission is to ensure the quality level of work operated by local professionals.

CAA – only for cleaning services 


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