Air Exchanger Cleaning

Why regularly clean your air exchanger?

Your home breathes thanks to your air exchanger since it allows to renew the indoor air about every 3 hours, in order to maintain an optimal air quality. It removes stale air outside, eliminates pollutants in the air that can be unpleasant, but especially harmful to your health: tobacco smoke or chimney smoke, odors, moisture, chemicals, cooking gas, etc.

Its functioning is fundamental for your health and that of your family members. Indeed, when the aeration is insufficient, the fouling causes the proliferation of bacteria, dust, and germs which can cause many respiratory diseases and allergies.

This functioning is also important for your home and its structure. Moisture accumulation that occurs due to poor ventilation can cause mold and damage to your walls or floor.

Groupe Impérial’s professional air-exchanger cleaning services guarantee an optimal functioning of your ventilation system.

How often do you have to clean your air exchanger?

Air exchangers do not hold dust and dirt. We advise having your air exchanger cleaned by professionals every 3 to 5 years to prevent any problem of operation and especially, the deterioration of the quality of the air which you breathe at home.

We also recommend having it cleaned after work or incidents such as fire or floods.

cleaning air exchanger laval

Our methods of cleaning an air exchanger

We have 2 methods for cleaning an air exchanger:                                                                          

  • Pulse-suction-friction cleaning: it is the most recognized and common technique thanks to its incredible efficiency. By introducing a flexible rod into the ducts, forced air is used to remove some of the dirt. This soft, remote-controlled brush works by friction or whipping action to loosen walls that have dirt that would have resisted forced air. The last cleaning action is to suck up all the dirt from your ducts in our waste recovery units.
  • Negative pressure cleaning: thanks to a specially equipped truck that we connect to your main ducts, we recover the air and the dust by negative pressure, pushing the air with tentacles. The applied air pulse has a force of up to 250 psi.

Whichever method we apply, our cleaning services will clean the internal filters and valves.

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