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Cleaning upholstered furniture

Your dining room and your living room are the preferred rooms to welcome your guests, and your furniture must be up to the task. This is the case of upholstered furniture such as sofas and couches, chairs and armchairs made of leather or upholstered with fabrics.

This beautiful furniture tends to get dirty or gets damaged quickly and it will not go unnoticed. Like carpets and rugs, care must be taken to maintain and clean them regularly in order to keep their original appearance. 

Revitalize and freshen the fabrics of your living room or office furniture, whether synthetic, thick or delicate and this with a short drying time thanks to the expertise and professionalism of the technicians of the Groupe Impérial.

We are specialists in cleaning furniture, sofas and couches since 1995, in Montreal, Laval, South Shore, North Shore…


In order to offer you the best service, Imperial Cleaning uses a technique called « steam shampoo« . This is one of the most effective methods on the market that relies on hot water washing and extraction techniques. It helps to permanently remove stains, but also to suck the bacteria and odors that lodge there without damaging the fibers of the fabrics of your furniture.

Sofa cleaning

Our famous method of cleaning sofas with steam shampoo removes all traces of dirt, odors, dust, and mites on the fabric of your couch, its cushions, armrests and backrest.

Our range of products, carefully selected following the inspection of our experts to respect and gently clean the fabric of your sofa, will eliminate those stains that you thought couldn’t be removed.

Regain the original appearance, but especially the comfort of your sofa with a real feeling of freshness.

Couch cleaning

Our experience allows us to work on the most delicate and valuable fabrics on the market. We use the most advanced methods and selected products for every fabric, every part of your couch and every color.

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Upholstered furniture made of cotton or rayon, especially light-colored ones, require special attention. For the cleaning of this valuable furniture, we focus on the following aspects:

  • manufacturing material, type of fabric
  • the age of the material
  • the color
  • the existing stains

After having examined the particular characteristics of your furniture, we will choose a suitable and gentle neutral pH detergent, then we will use treated water to clean the fabric thoroughly while maintaining its color and softness.

Special cleaning for upholstered chairs

The lounge chairs are usually a good example of upholstered furniture that can get dirty very quickly and lose all of its charm: food stains, repeated use that can damage the fabric and upholstery.

Thanks to our cleaning techniques, your chairs will regain their original color, their freshness, cleanliness and especially their comfort.

Cleaning and professional maintenance of leather furniture

Leather furniture sets the pace for any living room or office.

Whether matte, satin, waxed or glossy, leather is a fragile material that is sensitive to soiling. It requires care and special maintenance so it won’t lose the flexibility, color, and shine that makes it such a noble material.If you love the charm of your leather furniture and want to keep it for a long time, Groupe Impérial has the solution you were looking for.

The 3-in-1 Imperial Cleaning Process: clean, moisturize and protect your leather furniture

Leather is a living substance that dries up quickly if it does not get the necessary care. Poorly maintained leather often ends up cracking and tearing.

Thanks to our 3 in 1 approach, at Groupe Impérial, we go further than just cleaning:

We deep clean your leather couch, sofa or divan with carefully selected products depending on the type of leather.

We hydrate the leather of your furniture to avoid cracks that are the result of a dry and poorly maintained leather.

We protect your leather furniture and prevent future stains and desiccation through the application of a treatment that will make your leather furniture look original while offering optimal and lasting protection.

Preserve the air quality of your home and your health. Also discover the mattresscarpet, and rug cleaning services of the Groupe Impérial. Get rid of dust and mites.


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