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Why is it important to take care of your carpets?

Whether it is a living room, a bedroom or an entrance, rugs and carpets of all shapes and styles sublimate your rooms bringing warmth and friendliness to your home.

However, Rugs require proper care if you want, not only to preserve their colors and patterns, to avoid and eliminate stains and wear, but also to protect yourself against possible allergies caused by dust accumulation. and bacteria.

Whether they are made of wool, silk or synthetic materials, your carpets will be much better and stay much longer with proper cleaning and maintenance by real professionals.

A stain that can’t be removed? Faded colors? Wear marks that can’t be ignored?

Groupe Imperial cleaning services has the solution you need to clean your carpet while respecting its texture, colors, and details: all what makes up, in your eyes, its great value.

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Our cleaning methods:

What type of carpet ?

In addition to the wool and synthetic carpet washing solutions that we offer, the Groupe Impérial specializes in the cleaning and maintenance of high-quality carpets and rugs, made from delicate materials and fabrics. We are working on the following types of carpets:

  • Persian carpets
  • Indian carpets
  • Antique silky carpets
  • Handmade carpets.

What type of cleaning ?

When we receive rugs in our workshops, we carefully examine and sort them by material, delicacy, color density and type of details such as fringes. These features will determine the method and products that we will use to clean your carpet.

Each material, each fabric requires a suitable detergent whose PH level can vary. Depending on the type of carpet, we will use one of these two washing methods: hot water jet cleaning or dry cleaning for the most delicate materials.

We sweep each carpet on both sides. The majority of carpets are brushed with an industrial shampooer to dislodge as much dirt and stains as possible. Our high-performance equipment allows us to rinse carpets using high water pressure, depending on the temperature requested. Then we remove all leftover dirt or soap.

Carpets with fringes are cleaned by hand, with a mild detergent for more precision. We then apply a solution that prevents the hardening and yellowing of the fringes.

Finally, we vacuum both sides, then we pack your carpets in a special plastic bag to deliver them to you.

In case of more serious damage such as holes or tears, please contact us to learn more about the Rug repair services of the Groupe Impérial.

Now: our maintenance methods

Carpets without stains…

Prevention is better than cure! Protect your carpets before stains occur. Ask our technician to apply an invisible stain protection layer to your carpet.

…and without allergies.

The carpets also attract dust and mites that are responsible for many allergies. By applying a generous amount of antibacterial treatment, safe for human and animal health, we will avoid these inconveniences while improving the air quality of your home.