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Why choose our carpet cleaning service?

Your carpets or rugs are so worn over the years that you might think it’s time to replace them. What if Groupe Impérial told you they still have good days in front of them? Professional cleaning might surprise you, not to mention that a regularly maintained carpet stays in good condition for much longer. Groupe Impérial is specialized in carpet cleaning since 1995 in the following territories:

  • Montreal
  • Laval
  • North Shore
  • South Shore

Carpets offer a pleasant sensation of comfort and bring warmth and style to your decor. They insulate the cold, absorb the noises and allow our children to stretch quietly to play. Unfortunately, these benefits can turn into a problem without proper maintenance. Rugs and carpets attract dust and mites that can cause many allergies and deteriorate the air quality of your home. Do not panic! Groupe Impérial has very effective cleaning methods. Our qualified technicians will be able to choose the most suitable products and machinery not only to clean and refresh your carpets and rugs but also to preserve their original appearance and colors.

Dirty carpets results in bad odors, have an unsightly appearance, and become a health risk. To avoid these issues, you need to contact us as early as possible for a professional carpet cleaning service if you notice that your carpets have become dirty and there are visible stain marks on the carpets.

Our team has the required expertise and advanced equipment to carry out the best carpet cleaning in Montreal. We make sure that we clean the carpets in the best possible manner. Let us give you a brief insight into processes we follow while performing a carpet cleaning to ensure that we prove you with the best service, in a timely manner.

Washing a carpet at high temperatures allows deep cleaning, removing dust, dirt, and allergens. It can even eliminate some bacteria and mites.

If you still want to eliminate all these bacteria, a specialized treatment and disinfectant will be much more effective than a simple washing. We can even treat urine stains, all without any danger to your health or that of your animals.

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Discover the three stages of professional carpet cleaning

Inspection of your carpets and rugs

Before any cleaning, our technicians will carry out an inspection of your carpets and rugs in order to choose the most suitable methods and products for their cleaning.

Carpet washing

We spray a detergent made of enzymes that will separate the dirt from the carpet fibers and prepare it for the cleaning steps that follow.

If your carpet or rug has special or stubborn stains, we will also use the products necessary for their elimination.

Steam carpet cleaning

Our famous steam-based carpet cleaning method, applied with our high-performance equipment, removes all traces of dirt by removing as much water from the carpet as possible.

In addition, the drying time of this process is particularly short.

Careful Selection of Procedures

Our experts utilize their experience to select the right cleaning procedure that will provide you with the best results.

  • If we notice that stains on your carpets are petroleum based then in such situation dry solvent spotters are selected.
  • In a situation where organic or natural stains are found on the carpet, oxidizing agents are used to remove those stains.
  • Lastly, if acidic soils (like foods, beverages, body fluids, etc.) are present then our technicians use alkaline detergents to get rid of such stains.

Access to the Latest Equipment

In any carpet cleaning task, it is crucial to get the carpets cleaned as soon as possible. If ignored, mold can start growing on the carpets. To prevent this from happening our team will be at your door in no time. We also use commercial grade vacuums to ensure that residy is are completely removed from carpets.

Once the proper examination of your carpet is complete, we choose the best vacuum cleaner for it. This depends on the type of carpet you have, and how soiled the carpet is. In addition, high power equipment is utilized which is capable of generating heat of more than 200O to make sure stains and residues get broken down completely within the shortest period of time.

Expertise to Avoid Wrong Procedures

Our experience ensures that we are not going to damage your carpet during the cleaning process. This is how we ensure that we will not damage your carpets:

Over Scrubbing: We are fully aware of the fact that carpet fibers can get severely damaged if over scrubbed. Another negative aspect of over scrubbing is that it can make stains seep in deeper into your carpets. Moreover, vigorous over scrubbing causes fraying of fibers of the carpet and causes them to untwist.

Over Saturation: Another common issue is over saturation where carpets become over saturated due to overuse of cleaning product during cleaning. This results in carpet damage and also adds a build up of residue, which eventually attracts more dirt. Being aware of these problems, our technicians make sure that saturation does not during our carpet cleaning service.

Wicking: Wicking is a problem that causes spots to recur or resoiling to take place. We understand that wicking can take place when proper procedures are not implemented. To avoid wicking our team ensures that pre-vacumming is carefully carried out and commercial grade vacuuming equipment is used for removing dry soil.

After pre-vacuuming, pre-conditioners for encapsulation and rinsing agents are used to control wicking. We ensure that the pre-conditioners can get enough time to seep in. After, the agitation tools are utilized for loosening the soil. Lastly, rinsing is performed, followed by speed drying to make sure mold growth does not start growing on your carpets.

Rippling and Browning: Rippling is a problem when cleaning is not carried out properly. Additionally, browning is faced when the wrong methods are used for the clean-up of carpets with cellulosic fibers.

Shrinkage: Shrinkage is another problem we make sure does not happen. This is a problem which occurs when correct methods are not implemented. For example, when extra water or water which is very hot is utilized then it causes shrinkage.

Likewise, if the carpets are made up of natural fibers and the right cleaning method is not selected then shrinkage can also happen. Being aware of this problem, our team uses water appropriately to achieve the best possible results.

Damage to your carpet can occur very quickly: a coffee or a spilled juice, splashes of wine… If you have just had your carpet cleaned, this can be particularly annoying. Protect your investment and your carpet by asking us to apply a layer of stain-proof, colorless and invisible protector directly after washing your carpet. The fabric is still wet, the substance penetrates and acts perfectly, so this is the perfect time to do it. Prevent stains and keep carpets and rugs looking sleek and clean. 

It is clear that having the required expertise is quite important when carpet cleaning. If you are wondering which is the best firm for carpet cleaning near me then we are the first choice for most homeowners in Montreal due to our world class services.

Book our carpet cleaning services now. All you will have to do is give us a call and our team will reach your home or commercial establishment to perform the best professional carpet cleaning service in Montreal.