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Why have the furnace filter cleaned or replaced?

When you breathe, thousands of microscopic particles enter your body every day.

Many factors cause a deterioration in the indoor air quality of your home: a clogged ventilation duct, an obstructed dryer duct, a faulty air exchanger that does not renew the air properly.

The condition of your furnace filter is one of those factors that can increase the risk of allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. And as with other systems and ducts, poor maintenance of your filter could damage your furnace or significantly reduce its efficiency.

The Groupe Impérial offers state-of-the-art filtration technology that will keep your furnace running smoothly while maintaining clean and healthy indoor air quality.

We serve Montreal, Laval, South Shore and North Shore.

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The Groupe Impérial Furnace Filters: an ecological and economical solution with high efficiency

The Groupe Impérial manufactures robust, durable furnace filters that are easy to clean. You will realize significant savings compared to other filters available on the market since our filters have a lifespan of more than 36 months. In addition, they are fully recyclable.

Reduce your ecological footprint and reduce your energy consumption: a cleanable furnace filter from the Groupe Impérial replaces at least 12 disposable filters.

The triple fiber weave will offer you a great capacity of retention of the particles without increasing the resistance to the passage of the air.

In addition, thanks to their advanced filtration technology, these polypropylene fibers are equipped with antibacterial agents, antivirus, pollen filter, mildew, germs, and antiallergenic. These prevent the proliferation of microorganisms that could affect your health and the functioning of your furnace.

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