Removing Urine from Mattresses

Mattress stains and cat urine smell are more common than many of us would like to admit. Not only embarrassing, stains can also harbor and grow bacteria and other microorganisms if not treated in time. Any time a stain appears on your mattress, it means that something has gotten into your mattress and it probably hasn’t been cleaned or dried properly.

Removing urine from mattresses or removing a urine stain requires different techniques for humans and animals. If you don’t handle them properly, you risk the stain and odor penetrating deeper into your mattress, or even fixing the stain’s coloring, making it impossible to remove. If you don’t know how to remove urine from your mattress to get rid of cat urine smell, it’s best to call the mattress cleaning professionals and we’ll make it easy for you!

Urine treatment: Get rid of tough urine stains

There’s nothing like coming home to your faithful companion. Unfortunately, pet owners have all experienced this problem. The joy of the reunion is short-lived when you realize that your dog or cat has once again “escaped” onto the carpet, rug, couch or your favorite chair. The one you love to spend so much time on.

Whether it is an isolated episode or a bad habit of your pet, it is necessary to clean up a urine stain properly and succeed in removing the smell. You also have to remove all the bacteria, which is not easy. You’ve tried everything: lye, ammonia, commercial products, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide… Nothing works. Don’t worry, Imperial Group has the solutions and treatments that will restore your furniture, rugs and carpets to their freshness and cleanliness.

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Our solutions for the treatment of urine for your mattresses

It also happens that small children have small leaks at night. If it is always very important to take care of a mattress and its hygiene, it is particularly the case for those of the smallest.

Discover our cleaning and disinfecting solutions without further delay. Preserve the cleanliness and freshness of your mattresses and those of your children.

Preserve the air quality of your home and your health. Discover also Imperial Group’s upholstery, mattress, rug and carpet cleaning services.

Our cleaning and urine treatment methods

In order to fight odors and bacteria caused by urine, Imperial Group uses a high-performance treatment formula that neutralizes the bacteria responsible for bad odors.

This treatment is necessary because a simple cleaning is not enough to eliminate the effects of urine in the long term.

For example, cat urine stains are particularly difficult to remove. The odor is very strong and the stains and stains can sometimes discolor fabrics, carpets and rugs because of their acidity. First, after carefully selecting products that respect the fabrics and materials of your furniture, sofas and carpets, we apply our urine treatment that will thoroughly clean the stain area.

We then proceed to the extraction rinsing and we also apply a disinfectant treatment by injection that permanently neutralizes the bacteria and odors that could remain.

The cleaning process takes about 15 minutes, during which time we remove dust mites, bacteria, stains, cat urine smell and even bed bugs from the mattress using a combination of methods. Imperial Group also applies a low moisture cleaning solution, using dry steam to deep clean even the dirtiest mattresses.

Finally, the company extracts the moisture and sanitizes the mattress with infrared heat before neutralizing any remaining odors. The result is a like-new mattress, with no drying time and no chemicals.

Once the cleaning process is complete, Imperial Group re-inspects the mattress to ensure that you are satisfied. The mattress typically takes five to eight hours to dry, although this depends largely on the environment.

Mattress cleaning requires a special approach and professional knowledge. That’s why cleaning services are entrusted to experts.

  • Modern cleaning equipment. We keep abreast of all innovative cleaning methods and solutions and use only certified ecological products.
  • Convenient appointments. We operate 7 days a week and can book same day or in advance. Flexibility is our core value.
  • Free online estimates. No hidden fees.
  • Satisfaction. Our services are provided so that you can enjoy your carpets again.
  • High cleaning standards. We ensure that each technician is trained to professionally treat all types of carpet (wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, silk, etc.).

We also offer our customers a sanitizing service that meticulously removes all traces of bad urine odors from mattresses. We can promise to thoroughly clean your mattress of vomit and blood stains as well. It will look clean, feel clean and smell fresh.

Our mattress cleaning services also include dust mite treatment. Contact us now and we will be happy to solve any problem!