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Cleaning upholstered furniture

Your dining room and your living room are the preferred rooms to welcome your guests, and your furniture must be up to the task.

This is the case of upholstered furniture such as sofas and couches, chairs and armchairs made of leather or upholstered with fabrics.

This beautiful furniture tends to get dirty or gets damaged quickly and it will not go unnoticed. Like carpets and rugs, care must be taken to maintain and clean them regularly in order to keep their original appearance.

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The 3-in-1 Imperial Cleaning Process:

Leather is a living substance that dries up quickly if it does not get the necessary care. Poorly maintained leather often ends up cracking and tearing.

Thanks to our 3 in 1 approach, at Groupe Impérial, we go further than just cleaning:

  • We deep clean your leather couch, sofa or divan with carefully selected products depending on the type of leather.
  • We hydrate the leather of your furniture to avoid cracks that are the result of a dry and poorly maintained leather.
  • We protect your leather furniture and prevent future stains and desiccation through the application of a treatment that will make your leather furniture look original while offering optimal and lasting protection.

Preserve the air quality of your home and your health. Also discover the mattresscarpet, and rug cleaning services of the Groupe Impérial. Get rid of dust and mites.

Would you like to know more about our cleaning and repair services for carpets and rugs, and our other services?