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Rug Repair residential service

A rug is always a valuable object because it brings style, warmth, and pace to all your rooms, but it is also an object of value whose appearance deteriorates with time: unsightly tears appear, normal wear and tear, the wear of the vacuum cleaner or your animals becomes more and more apparent, these are the details that make all its charm deteriorate.

Do not wait until your rug is at the point of no return with irreparable damage. Give it back its old-fashioned panache with the rug and rug repair and restoration services of the Group Impérial.

To prevent the wear of your rugs, it is always better to have them cleaned regularly and to protect them properly. A well-maintained rug is a rug that is better preserved.

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Unfortunately, some damage is difficult to avoid. A high-quality rug is made of natural materials that are likely to deteriorate over time. Here are the solutions we can offer you for your rug problems:

  • Repairing tears and holes:  this is the most common deterioration of rugs. The holes can be caused by normal wear and tear, moths, pets, burns, chair footmarks, shoe heels, etc. We re-establish the frame or use reported canvas to offer you a quality result. You will not even notice that your carpet has been repaired!
  • Realization of breakpoints: one of the best techniques to avoid that your carpet tapers.
  • Fringe repair: the fringes are made with the wire frame of the rug and are therefore likely to be taper. Our specialists will be able to upgrade the rug by creating breakpoints and new fringes. A stunning result that will allow your carpet to recover such important details.
  • Repair and reinforcement of edges and selvages: the overlock seam or borders of a carpet are parts which wear and are damaged quickly. We repair or consolidate them so that the edges of your rug don’t fray anymore. It is a technique that also allows you to upgrade and resize your carpet in a natural and discreet way.
  • Dubbing and reinforcement: to reinforce your carpet and allow it to keep its shape, we put a cotton liner under the rug.
  • Rejuvenation and color restoration: inevitably, the colors of a carpet fade and are tarnished by exposure to sunlight or the moon.
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Imperial Cleaning offers you natural dyeing operations to recover those beautiful, original colors.

Don’t forget!

The best way to maintain the original look of your carpet is regular maintenance and cleaning. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discover our carpet cleaning and maintenance services.

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